Option 7.2.1. Place a Rectangle on the WYSIWYG Form
  1. Do one of the following.

Method 1

Click the Rectangle button on the WYSIWYG toolbar.

Method 2

  1. Click Draw on the WYSIWYG menu bar.

  2. Select Rectangle.

Method 3

  1. Right-click the WYSIWYG screen.

  2. Select Rectangle from the Popup menu.

Your cursor turns into a cross-hair with a small rectangle.

  1. Click down the right-mouse button where you want the rectangle to start.

  2. Drag the cursor vertically and horizontally to increase the size of the rectangle.

  1. Release the right-mouse button when the rectangle is the size you want.

Result: The rectangle displays on the screen in the selected location and size.

Tip: You can cut and paste or copy and paste a rectangle from one WYSIWYG form into another (as described for an image object ). The source rectangle configuration is copied to the target.

More information

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