Text Object Script Date and Time Formats




Abbreviated weekday name


Full weekday name


Abbreviated month name


Full month name


Date and time representation appropriate for locale


Day of month as decimal number (01 - 31)


Hour in 24-hour format (00 - 23)


Hour in 12-hour format (01 - 12)


Day of year as decimal number (001 - 366)


Month as decimal number (01 - 12)


Minute as decimal number (00 - 59)


Current locale’s A.M./P.M. indicator for 12-hour clock


Second as decimal number (00 - 59)


Week of year as decimal number, with Sunday as first day of week (00 - 53)


Weekday as decimal number (0 - 6; Sunday is 0)


Week of year as decimal number, with Monday as first day of week (00 - 53)


Date representation for current locale


Time representation for current locale


Year without century, as decimal number (00 - 99)


Year with century, as decimal number

%z, %Z

Time-zone name or abbreviation; no characters if time zone is unknown


Percent sign

More information

Option 5.3.4. Use a script for a text object data source.