Option Save Tracking Data and Delete Files

In order to preserve tracking data after you make configuration changes, you must first run the Export and Import programs, and then delete backing files. This will enable you to run the PRT_UI and to maintain your tracking data.

  1. Run the Export program to save your tracking data to an output file.

  2. Open the Tracker project in the Workbench.

  3. Click Tools on the menu bar.

  4. Select Command Prompt.

An MS Dos window opens.

  1. On the command line type cd log.

  2. Press Enter.

  3. Type del *.*prt_dc.

  4. Press Enter.

Backing files are deleted.

  1. Run the Import program to preserve tracking data.

Result: Tracking data is preserved, backing files are deleted and the PRT_UI can be accessed to view tracking data.

More information

Option 10.1.2. Follow a Required Procedure to Restart the PRT User Interface.