Option 10.2.2. Follow a Required Procedure to Restart the PRT User Interface

If you change the configuration of one or more of the configuration files after you have already run Tracker, you have to run the Export and Import programs and/or delete certain files called backing files in order to restart the PRT User Interface.


Keep your existing item tracking data


  1. Run the Export and Import programs. This will put all of your item tracking data into an output file that can be imported back once the backing files have been deleted.

  2. Delete the backing files.


Do not keep item tracking data


Delete the backing files.

Important: If you are using backing files, you must delete the backing files when you have made changes to any of the following:

PRT Region Configuration

PRT Group Configuration

PRT Region Group Configuration

PRT Service Configuration

PRT Item Type Configuration

More information

Option 10.1. Modify PRT configuration.