Option 9.6.2. Configure Status Codes

  1. Open the Status Configuration dialog box, as follows:

  1. Expand the PRT folder in the Tracker Configuration left pane.

  2. Expand the Advanced folder.

  3. Double-click Status Codes.

A list box with predefined status codes displays in the right pane.

  1. Click in the right pane.

The Status Configuration dialog box opens.

  1. Configure a status code, as follows:



Status Code

A unique code, in the  field, to identify the status of the region or item.

The code can be no more than 16 characters.


Helps a user identify the status code.


Will display for the user as the status code identifier.

Bit Set

The bit to be set by PRT to represent this status code.

Code Type

Region Status

Applies the status code to regions


Item Status

Applies  the status code to items.

  1. Click OK.

Result: The status code configuration is added to your Tracking Model.

More information

Option 9.6. Status codes.