Option 9.6. Status Codes

A status code must be assigned for each valid region and item status. For example, valid region statuses involve capacity, sequential error, invalid or unknown item type and so on. Tracker provides you with several predefined status codes for the most common statuses. You may, however, configure additional status codes to meet your criteria.

There are 31 status bits each for regions and items. For every defined status code (either predefined or user-defined), a status bit is used. The status bit is Boolean and is either on (1) or off (0). When you define your own status codes, you must use the available bits. The lists below define the status code, description and bit used for the 31 status bits.

Option 9.6.1

Pre-defined status codes.

Option 9.6.2

Configure status codes.

More information

Step 9. Do additional tracking configuration.