Item Associations: Defined

Production Tracking permits Item associations to be formed:

Automatically in a Combine Items Tracking Region

Automatic Item associations occur in Combine Items Tracking Regions where configuration data specifies the Item types that will participate in an Item association and the role each Item will play in the relationship. Each time an Item enters a Combine Items Tracking Region, where automatic Item associations occur, the Item type is checked to determine if this Item participates in an Item association. An automatic Item association takes place when each of the Items in the association have arrived in the Combine Items Tracking Region.

By request through a manual transaction or an application interface message.

Between two Item types, if your CIMPLICITY package includes extended attributes,when an item of its associated type is processed by CimBasic extensions or by certain RCO function blocks, e.g. Substitute Order. This type of association is created by adding an extended attribute, ASSOCIATE , to one of the Item types in the association. The value of this extended attribute is the Item type (Item Type  ID) of the associated item.

Note: A complementary  ASSOCIATE extended attribute is automatically added to the associated Item type that refers to the first Item type.

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