Limit Switch Action: Guidelines

The first location of the source region is checked for items.

Actions triggered by what items exist are:


No items exist in the source region,


No items are moved.


Multiple items exist at a location,


All items at the location move.


Actions triggered by the specified handling of a moved item are:



Not handled along the route,



The item moves and a message is logged warning the user.



Not allowed in the destination region,



The item is deleted and a message is logged warning the user.

Other Guidelines for Limit Switch include:

  1. The transition point may be an integer or character string point.

  2. The first 36 characters of a setpoint, if configured, are:

First 16 characters

Item type

Next 20 characters

Either the:

Item ID: for a serialized item

Associated or parent item ID: for a non-serialized item.

  1. If a limit switch is used to transition an item and the source region is empty, the limit switch is ignored.

  2. The route for a production start region can specify a limit switch as the transition indicator if the item type is explicitly defined for the route.

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