Required PRT Configuration Files

The required configuration files must be configured in order to run your tracking model.

All of these files have a .dat extension, with the exception of the last one, which has a .cfg extension.

Files with a .dat extension are binary; files with a .cfg extension are in text format.

File Name

File Definition



PRT System Definitions

Sets the queue sizes for the ports used by the Data Collector, Data Service and Application Interface subsystems. Minimum recommended size is 10 for each port.


PRT Service Record

Identifies each PRT Service in the tracking model.


PRT Interested Process/Data Provider Mapping

Enables related processes to receive updates from the tracking model. Both prt_grd requires this file to be configured in order to function properly.


PRT Group

Identifies the Groups in your tracking model. Because every region must belong to a group, this file must be configured.


PRT Region

Identifies the regions in your tracking model, their primary and secondary types and other important information.


PRT Group Tracking Region

Ties the tracking regions to their tracking groups.


PRT Item Type

Defines the item types, classes and parent-child relationships between items.


PRT Route

Identifies routes between regions and associations with transfer points.


PRT Attribute Labels

Configures a set of attributes for all items or for items in a specific class. This is not a required file, but is recommended.

More information

 Identify the PRT configuration files.