Step 5. Update a Region's Status

You can set the status bits for an entire region using the Region Status option. Region status fields are configured in the Tracker Configuration User Interface>PRT>Advanced>Status Codes.

  1. Click Operation on the menu bar.

  2. Select the Region Status.

The Region Status dialog box opens.


Region ID

Selected region.


Total Items

Item count in the selected region.


Item Information

Active items in the region.


Region Status

Current settings for items in the region.


Set Active

Changes NO to YES (active).


Clear Active

Changes YES to NO (inactive).

  1. Select the status bit from the Region Status list to change the settings for a region,

  2. Click the appropriate button to set the status as needed:

Set Active

Activate status

Clear Active

Deactivates status

  1. Click OK to save the changes to the region status or click Cancel to cancel the operation.

More information

Production Tracking User Interface (PRT_UI).