Production Tracking User Interface (PRT_UI)

The Production Tracking User Interface (PRT_UI) enables you to view and manage production tracking data during runtime. The PRT_UI is designed to simplify management of your PRT data with an easy to use graphical interface.

When you use the PRT_UI, you are viewing and working with data that is in the computer and represents what happens in the tracking process.

Step 1

Open the PRT_UI.

Step 2

Display and browse for regions in the PRT_UI.

Step 3

Auto-lock regions.

Step 4

Configure items through the PRT_UI

Step 5

Update a region's status.

Step 6

Connect to multiple projects.

Note: This step covers Tracker base and Order Execution Mgt. functionality.

Step 7

Manipulate items.

Step 8

Print reports.

More information

About Production Tracking.