Step 6.4.4. Open Multiple Projects using a Saved .cfg File

  1. Click Start on the Windows task bar.

  2. Select Run... from the Start menu.

The Run dialog box opens.

  1. Enter prt_ui /config -I C:\projects\PRJ1\ui_cfg.cfg in the Open field.


prt_ui /config -I is the command

C:\projects\PRJ1\ui_cfg.cfg is the path to the .cfg file.

  1. Click OK.

A Select project to connect dialog box opens.

  1. Select a project from the list.

  1. Click Connect.

Note: If a CIMPLICITY® Login dialog box opens, enter your User ID and Password.

Result: The PRT_UI window opens. The regions from all of the projects listed in the .cfg file are available in the Region Id list.

Regions in two or more projects.

If the projects have region names that are the same, each instance of the name displays in the list.

You can view multiple projects and move items from one to the other.

Important: In order to view multiple projects:

PRT Services must be running for each project

You must have access privileges to the projects you want to view.

More information

Step 6.4. Configure connections to multiple projects.