Broadcast Form

(Available with Order Execution Mgt.)


Broadcast Form is an all-variable-parameter combination of four Broadcast blocks:

Get ASCII Form by Variable

Get WYSYWIG Form by Variable

Send  ASCII Form by Variable.

Send WYSYWIG Form by Variable

Based entirely upon the values of RCO Variables, Broadcast Form will broadcast either a WYSIWYG or ASCII form by Item ID, rather than by location.

This block provides maximum flexibility of use.


This function block has the following parameters:



Form Name

Variable whose value determines the name of the form to be printed

Form Type

ASCII, WYSIWYG or a variable name whose value will determine what form type will be printed.

Item ID

Either of the following:

An RCO variable where the item id is stored

The item ID.

Device Group

Variable whose value determines the Device group to which Broadcast sends the data.

Status Point

Variable whose value determines the status Point ID.

Point will be used to get the statuses of Broadcast. This point can be used in CIMPLICITY CimView screens for monitoring purposes.

The user must use a Point Array, as follows.





Number of elements

Greater than 2 times the maximum number of items that may be broadcast at a time for proper results.


The statuses that are updated to this status point are:

  1. Item Id Broadcast

  2. Success/Failure Of Broadcast.









Print Copies

Variable whose value determines how many copies of a form should be printed for Broadcast.








More information

BCO function block list.