Check all Region's (related to Decisions) Status


Expression block used in the Conditional Blocks. This block will perform a comparison of region status bits. The user can specify whether to use the decision source or destination flag.


This function block has the following parameters:



Combine with

Used when combining multiple Expression blocks. Defines the Boolean operation to be performed with each Expression Block.

Status To Check

Region status to be checked.


All Regions Set, Some Regions Set, or No Regions Set.

Region Type

Check each Decision Source or Destination region.

Check All Region's (related to Decisions) Status Pseudo Code

If the condition is No regions are set

  Set return value to false


  Set return value to true

End if


For each decision

  If using source region

    Set region id to current decision source region


    Set Region id to current decision destination region

  End if

  Select Case the Condition

    Case "ALL Regions Set"

     If the specified status bit is not set

        Set return value to False

        Exit For

      End If

  Case Some Regions set

    If the specified status bit is Set

      Set return value to True

      Exit For

    End If

  Case "No regions Set"

    If specified status bit is Set

      Set return value to False

      Exit For

    End If

  End Select

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