Fill Array Point (Ext. Attr.)


Fill Array Point sets an array point offset with a value of a CIMPLICITY standard or extended attribute value.


This function block has the following parameters:



Point Name

ID of array point to be updated.


Offset of array point to be updated.


Source of the update value. Either Attribute or Value.

Set Value

If From parameter is value, then this is the value to be written to the element.

Region ID

ID of Region where item is located.

Region Location

Location of the item in the Region.

Item Class

Class of the item.

Attribute ID

ID of Attribute whose value is to be set into the point.

Attribute Start Byte

Starting byte within the attribute value.

Attribute Length

Number of characters from the attribute value to use. Enter 0 for all.

Note: All the function blocks that deal with extended attributes can be provided INTERNALHOLD text to read the value of an internal hold.

Values are:


Internal Hold is not set.


Internal Hold is set.

However, you cannot use any of the extended attribute function blocks to modify system attributes.

More information

Core function block list.