Core Function Blocks List

Core function blocks are:

Append a Decision in ExtDecBuffer

Set Attribute to Text and Integer

Clear the Cached Items

Set Attribute with Attribute

Consume a Trigger

Set Attribute with Attribute (Ext. Attr.)

Create Item Extended Attribute

Set Attribute with Point

Custom Block

Set Attribute with RCO Variable

Delete at a Decision in ExtDecBuffer

Set Attribute with Value

Delete Item Extended Attribute

Set Auto-trigger Interval

Delete Site Attribute

Set Decision Attribute

Exit Sub

Set Decision Status

Fill Array Point

Set Extended Attribute by Item

Fill Array Point (Ext. Attr.)

Set Extended Attribute with Point

Fill RCO Array Point

Set Extended Attribute with RCO Variable

Flush the ExtDecBuffer

Set Extended Attribute with Value

Get Decision Attribute

Set Item Extended Attribute

Get Decision Status

Set Message Point From RCO Variable

Get Ext Decision List

Set Point with Attribute

Get Item Extended Attribute

Set Point with Extended Attribute

Get Production Data

Set Point with Point

Get Site Attribute

Set Point with Timestamp

Increment Attribute

Set Point with Value

Increment Extended Attribute

Set RCO Variable with Attribute

Increment Point

Set RCO Variable with Expression

Insert a Decision in ExtDecBuffer

Set RCO Variable with Point

Logstatus Generator

Set RCO Variable with a Special Value

Parse Message Point To RCO Variables

Set RCO Variable with Timestamp

Region Full Check

Set RCO Variable with Translate Value

Request External Decisions

Set RCO Variable with Value

Reset a Trigger

Set RCO Variable with Value (Extended)

Select next External Decision

Set Site Attribute

Set Array Point

Set Wait Encountered Flag

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RCO function blocks.