Request External Decisions


Request External Decisions requests the number of decisions from an external process which can provide decisions, the process can be a local process or remote process. The received decisions are stored in a buffer that subsequently provides these decisions to RCO. Moreover, RCO can also append, insert, delete and flush these decisions. This function block uses RcoDecisionBuffer. RequestDecisions call to request decisions. If the call to this function block returns success, then the basic object RcoDecisionBuffer also get refreshed to hold new decisions


This function block has the following parameters:






Control location ID of the controller that provides the external decisions. This parameter is used to assign Id to RcoDecisionBuffer object whose RequestDecisions function is called by this function block.

For later operations on this buffer, this ID is used to identify the buffer.

Project id/ Process_id

Projectname and Process id combined together using a delimiter '/'.

Project id: Name of the project in which External process is running and from which decisions are required.

Process _id: Id of External process from which decisions are required.

When double clicked on this parameter, a dialog is displayed to select project and external processes.

Decisions attribute

Attribute of requested decisions [OPTIONAL]

Decisions Required

Number of decisions required from external process.




Status of the call, could be RCO_SUCCESS, RCO_WARNING, RCO_ERROR, If status is not RCO_SUCCESS, error information is returned in Error member of RcoDecisionBuffer object.

More information

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