Select next External Decision


Select next External Decision retrieves the first decision from the decision buffer and executes it if it is also configured in RCOSite executing this function block. If the decision is not configured in RcoSite, it is not executed and an error is generated . The decision also gets removed from buffer after execution of this function block.

If no decisions are left in decision buffer then error is returned indicating no decisions left in buffer. At this point Request External Decisions function block is required to be executed if more decisions are sought from buffer. However, user can also append/insert decisions using Append and Insert function blocks.


This function block has the following parameters:






Control location ID of the controller that provided the external decisions. This is used to identify decision buffer from which decisions will be selected.




Status of the call, could be RCO_SUCCESS, RCO_WARNING or RCO_ERROR, If status is not RCO_SUCCESS, error information is returned in Error member of RcoDecisionBuffer object.

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