Balance Load


Balance Load allows a cost to be assigned to a decision. The cost takes into consideration the number of items in the source and destination regions, as well as the region with the most number of items. A threshold is then specified that the cost cannot exceed.


This function block has the following parameters:



Always Evaluate

Hard, Soft or Breakable. This parameter controls what happens when the extension eliminates all available decisions.



All decisions will remain eliminated. Enter a wait state after the logic script has completed.



Roll back any decisions eliminated by this extension.



Roll back any decisions eliminated by this extension that have a danger point value of TRUE (non zero). The routing modules will first use the danger defined for each individual decision; and, if no danger point has been configured for the decision, then the site-wide danger point will be used. If no danger point can be found for a decision, then the decision remains eliminated.

Threshold Value

Specifies the threshold value to be used in balancing the load.

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