Apply Hold to Range

(Available with Order Execution Mgt.)


Apply Hold to Range places a named hold on all items that remain in the range source after any possible eliminations. This hold becomes active when these items enter another range, the Hold Active Range .

Important: A named hold is a special type of attribute that specifies the range in which the hold is active.  An item will actually be in hold state only when it physically enters the Hold Active Range.


This function block has the following parameters:



Hold Attribute Name

Extended attribute to store the hold status.

Hold Active Range

Named range in which the hold will be active. Enter the name  of a defined range or region.

Note: The hold placed on the specified item does not take effect until it enters the named range or region.

Hold Expiration Period

Number of hours until the hold expires. Enter a value or the name of an analog (numeric) point to define the hold period. Enter a value of 0 to specify an unlimited hold.

Hold Exp. Time Point

(Optional) Analog (real double) Date-time point.

Defines the time at which the hold will expire. Select a point for this parameter overrides the Hold Expiration Period.

Hold Description

(Optional) Description saved with the hold. The description is stored in the extended attributes for items on hold.

Hold Attribute Point

Text point

Holds an attribute name.

Overrides Hold Attribute Name.

Hold Active Range Point

Text point

Holds the name of a range.

Overrides Hold Active Range.

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