Eliminate Attribute Value Mismatch

(Available with Order Execution Mgt.)


Range Source Eliminate Attribute Value Mismatch applies a weight to items with an attribute value that does not match the value of a specified RCO variable.

The applied weight is a value that:

You entered in the Set Block Weights function block's corresponding parameter.

Set Block Weights assigns to this function block.


A block that applies a weight of zero directly eliminate items that fail from the range source.

This block is designed to work only when a valid danger point is configured.

A danger point:

Must be either of two types:

Integer, long.


All other types throw an exception.

Can be device or virtual point.

Can have a point value of zero or non zero.

The danger point value is considered in elimination decision, when the  value is non-zero and if the evaluation type is Breakabale (neither Soft nor Hard ) type.

If an invalid danger point or no danger point is configured, the function block will not work and throws CORLOG warning.


This function block has the following parameters:



Always Evaluate

Hard, Soft or Breakable.

Controls what happens when the extension eliminates all items in the range source.



All items will remain eliminated. Enter a wait state after the logic script has completed.



Roll back any eliminations made by this extension.



Roll back any eliminations made by this extension that have a danger point value of TRUE (non zero).

Routing modules first use the danger defined for each individual decision.

However, one of the following may occur instead.







No danger point has been configured for the decision.

The site-wide danger point will be used.



This function block is used in the decision output logic,

The site-wide danger point will be used.



No danger point can be found for a decision.

The decision remains eliminated.

Attribute Name

The ID of the attribute to base the comparison on.

Attribute Start Byte

(Optional) An integer that specifies the byte address (offset) of the first byte within the attribute that is included in the value comparison.

Attribute Length

(Optional) An integer that specifies the number of bytes, beginning with the Attribute Start Character, to include in the value comparison.

Attribute Value


The value to match.

Do one of the following.

Select an assigned RCO Variable.

Enter a constant value.

Note: Supports attribute value wild cards.

Attribute Point ID

(Optional) Text point

Stores the name of an attribute.

Supercedes Attribute Name.





Note: You can compare the value of an attribute, or the value of a specified number of bytes within an attribute.



Attribute Start Character  is:


Attribute Length is:






The value of the specified bytes, taken as a whole, is compared.




Not specified

A one byte value is compared.


Not specified


Not specified

The binary value of the attribute is compared.

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