Resequence Mode Begin

(Available with Order Execution Mgt.)


Resequence Mode Begin marks the start of a multiple-pass Resequence Block Module that assigns rotation numbers to items in the range source.


A Resequence Range block is required to mark the end of the Resequence Block Module.

The sequence occurs as follows.

  1. Resequence Mode Begin starts the logic.

  2. Other RSA function blocks, inserted between Resequence Mode Begin and Resequence Range, perform an evaluation on items and temporarily weight or eliminate the items for the duration of the current pass.

  3. Resequence Range then selects the item with the lowest weight and assigns it the next rotation number.

  4. The next pass evaluates the remaining unselected items, including any items eliminated by previous passes.

  5. After the final pass, all items that have been assigned a rotation number become available to the subsequent function blocks in your routing or output logic module.

A block that applies a zero weight directly eliminates items that fail from the range source.

A block that applies a non-zero weight only weights a particular item once (per pass).

For example, an item that fails on several accounts, because more than one attribute name/value pair fail the comparison, is not weighted more heavily by a block than an item that fails on just one account.

Weights are not accumulated by items from pass to pass. Each pass starts fresh with unweighted items in the range source.

Important: Use only RSA blocks between Resequence Mode Begin and Resequence Range.


This function block has no parameters.

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