Re-sequencing and Rotation Numbers

Re-sequencing in the virtual world of ranges is different from sequencing items on the factory floor.

In the:



Specifies and may change the physical order in which items move into and through a region.

Virtual world

Evaluates and may change rotation numbers assigned to items, thereby changing their sequence in the range. However, the item does not physically move.


The factory wants to re-sequence the orders to adjust their sequence in the range according to how low they are weighted. It doesn't say "Pull this one." That's sequencing. That says, "I want this one and I want it here."

Re-sequencing changes the sequence in which items get activated.

The order that is assigned Rotation 1 will be moved to the $OM_PLANT

  1. Before re-sequencing

  1. Purchase orders are currently assigned a sequence that is similar to the location sequence.

  2. The orders are being evaluated by the elimination rules added to the logic module.

  3. The orders need to be re-sequenced to reflect how they came through the evaluation.

  4. Re-sequencing is specified to start at Rotation number 1 to cover the entire range.

L1, L2...L20 = Locations

P01,P02...P20 = Purchase orders

101, 102...120 = Rotation numbers

Orders will be moved up in the sequence of selection according to how low they are weighted relative to other orders.

  1. During and after re-sequencing

Note: The rotation number colors in the graphic demonstrate conformance with the Eliminate Sources by Rule function block configuration.

Re-sequence configuration overview

Two function blocks define the beginning and end of the sequencing loop.

Resequence Mode Begin

Resequence Range


Resequence Mode Begin before the block where the loop should begin.

Resequence Range after the last block in the loop.

After assigning rotation numbers, the following function blocks can be used outside the Resequence Block Module to manipulate or use the rotation numbers previously assigned.

Set Rotation Number to Attribute

Advance in Order

Rotation Pull Ahead

Set Rotation Number to Attribute

Important: Weight is not persistent data. The weight of an item is discarded after every control cycle, or after each pass of a multiple-pass block module (Spread Range Block Module or Resequence Block Module.)

More information

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