Set Rotation Number to Attribute

(Available with Order Execution Mgt.)


Set Rotation Number to Attribute assigns a rotation number to the item at a particular location in a specified region, based on either the:

Numeric value or

Value assigned RCO variable that you specify.

Note:  Only items local to the current project are modified.

Apply this function block across multiple projects:

  1. Enter a comma-delimited list of project names in the Project ID field

  2. Recompile the function block.


This function block has the following parameters:



Region ID

ID of Region where the item is located.

Region Location

Location of the item in the Region.

Note: The reserved names PRT_FIRST and PRT_LAST can be entered here to specify the first  or last location, respectively, within the region.

Item Class

Class of the item to be assigned a rotation number.

Rotation Number Attribute

Name of the attribute to store the rotation number.


Value to assign as the rotation number specified as follows.

Enter a numerical value or

Select an assigned RCO Variable.

Rotation Number Attribute Point ID

(Optional) Text point.

Stores the attribute name.

Supercedes Attribute.

Project ID

(Optional) Names of one or more projects in which the selected region may be found.

Note: Leave this field blank to limit the search for regions to the local project only.

Project Point ID

(Optional) Text point.

Stores a list of project(s).

Supercedes Project ID.

More information

Resequencing and Rotation Numbers.

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