Step 8. Set Alarming and Logging Options through the RCOUI

You can specify alarming and logging conditions using the Alarming / Logging Options dialog box. Check the options in the alarming group and logging group as needed to keep you apprised of the status of your RCO system during runtime.

 Important: Changes made to the Alarming / Logging Options from the RCOUI are not saved to the database. Changes are effected dynamically for this instance of RCOUI only.

Open the TrackerCfg_UI to set alarming and logging options that will be saved to the RCO configuration.

Each log entry is limited to 120 characters. Characters that are more than 120 (121+) will be ignored.

Do one of the following:

Select Options>Alarming/Logging on the RCOUI menu bar.

Click the Alarming/Logging button on the toolbar.

The Alarming / Logging Options dialog box opens.


Enables alarming.


Selected states have enabled alarms .


Log destination.


Selected states are logged.

More information

Details about the alarming/logging options.

Routing Control Object User Interface (RCO_UI).