Step 4. Browse Order Queues

  1. Click Browse Order Queues on the Order Management Menu.

A Browse orders screen opens.

You can use this screen to view and make manual decisions for  existing orders in any selected region.

Screen features and options are as follows.





Browse Orders In

The drop-down list contains the regions in your project.

Select the region with the orders you want to view.


Order Lists

The following columns display the orders in and overview details for orders in the selected region.




The first column displays the location of the order in the region.

Columns display in the order of the location sequence beginning with 0.



Order ID

The ID of the order items in the region.

A single order's sequence in the list corresponds to its location in the region.



Reference Id

If an order item has a reference ID, its reference ID displays on the same row.




The class of the order item on the same row.


Toolbar buttons


Sends selected:




New orders to the $OM_ORNEW_ACPT region.

Update orders to the $OM_ORUPD_ACPT region.




Sends selected:

New orders to the $OM_ORNEW_RJCT region.

Update orders to the $OM_ORUPD_RJCT region.




Designates selected orders to be Ignored.

POMS deletes ignored orders.




Sends an order to the $OM_ORDER_RETN region.




DATA_ENTRY.cim Edit Order screen




Opens a DATA_ENTRY.cim Create Order screen



Select all

Selects (and highlights) all of the order items that are listed in the selected region.



Create New

Opens a Create New screen.




Filters and refreshes the screen.



Clear Selected

De-selects a selection. Clears the highlight.




Closes the ORDERS.cim. Returns you to the POMS_MAIN.cim.


Filter the list

  1. Enter an Order ID in the Filter/Refresh field located on the ORDERS.cim toolbar.

  2. Click Filter/Refresh.

Result: The specified order is the only order that displays in the list of orders.

Refresh the list

  1. Clear the Filter/Refresh field.

  2. Click Filter/Refresh.

Result: A list of all of the orders in the region displays.

More information

About POMS CimView order entry.