Step 2. Import TADB Configuration

  1. Use your SQL Server Enterprise Manager to create a new database. Make sure to observe the convention for TADB database names when assigning a name for the new database.

  2. Set up ODBC properties for the new database.

  3. Run the TADB Configuration Import/Export Utility from the command prompt:

C:\Program Files\GE Fanuc\Proficy CIMPLICITY\TADB\MetaIE\TADBMETAIE.exe

  1. Click the Browse button next to the Database Connection String box to display the Data Link Properties dialog box. This dialog lets you set up connection properties for the database you are importing to.

  1. From the Connection tab, select or enter the server name for the new TADB database. Take note as you will need to attach the TADB database to your project later on.

  2. Click the Use a Specific User Name and Password option and enter the user name and password previously assigned for this database.

  3. Select the database on this server.

  4. Click OK to close this dialog box. Note that the TADB Configuration Import/Export dialog box now displays a connection string specifying the selected database.

  5. Click the Import button. An Open dialog box appears for specifying the name of the xml file to import.

Note: To be valid, file names must end  with "_TADB," for example: MyData_TADB.xml

More information

3.2. TADB configuration import/export utility.