Option 1.2. Use a Spread Range Source

A range can include multiple passes.

Important: A spread range source includes either a range or query as the range source in its definition. Therefore, you must have at least one range source defined before you create a criteria set.

The blocks are:

Begin Spread Range Block Module marks the start of a multiple-pass Spread Range Block Module in the routing or output logic module.

End Spread Range Block Module marks the end of a multiple-pass Spread Range Block Module that starts with a Begin Spread Range Block Module.

If no items or no unweighted items remain after an evaluation, these blocks can expand the range and provide multiple passes through the module.

When you add these blocks, the:

  1. Number of items included in the evaluation set is incremented

  2. Expanded set is re-evaluated by a second pass by the Spread Range Block Module logic.

  3. Evaluation repeats multiple times, up to the number of passes you specify, until at least one unweighted item remains.

Do not put a count block inside the spread range logic.

Keep logically separate Record OLM vs. Eliminate RLM

More information

RSA function blocks list.

Step 1. Define the Source Range.