Begin Spread Range Block Module

(Available with Order Execution Mgt.)


Begin Spread Range Block Module marks the start of a multiple-pass Spread Range Block Module in the routing or output logic module.

  1.  Whenever a range is used the logic module must begin with two blocks in the following order.


Module Options




Can be either:



Set Source Range

Defines the range that the block evaluates.


Set Source Solve




Must be:



Set Block Weights

Sets the relative importance of each of the subsequent blocks by assigning a weight to each block.

  1. An  End Spread Range Block Module block is required at the end of the Spread Range Block Module.

Other RSA function blocks, within the Spread Range Block Module, perform an evaluation on an initial number of items within a named range.

If none of these items remain unweighted after the evaluation (or if no items remain) the:

  1. Number of items included in the evaluation set is incremented

  2. Expanded set is re-evaluated by a second pass by the Spread Range Block Module logic.

  3. Evaluation repeats multiple times, up to the number of passes you specify, until at least one unweighted item remains.


  1. Use a Spread Range Block Module to define a dynamic range that eliminates unsuitable items but keeps expanding until at least one item suitable for subsequent processing remains.

  2. Add an Alarm on No Sources Remaining function block after your Spread Range Block module to address the possibility that no unweighted items remain in the range source list after the final pass.


This function block has the following parameters:



Range Name

Name of a range of sources from which a spreading range of items are evaluated. .

  1.  Double-click Range Name to display the browse dialog for ranges.

  2. Do one of the following:

Enter a existing range or region name

Click the Browse button to select from a list of existing ranges.

Click the Pop-up button and:

Select Browse to select from a list of existing ranges, or

Select New to define a new range. The Range Viewer dialog box appears.

Item Class

Class of item to include within the range source.

Initial Range Source Length

Number of items to be evaluated in the first pass.

Source Increment

Number of source items to add to the evaluation set in each subsequent pass.


Maximum number of passes to be attempted.

Range Point ID

(Optional) Text point.

Stores the name of a range. Supercedes Range Name.

Length Point ID

(Optional) Integer point.

Stores the number of items evaluated in the first pass.

Supercedes Initial Range Source Length.

Increment Point ID

(Optional) Integer point

Stores the increment value.

Supercedes Source Increment.

Passes Point ID

(Optional) Integer point.

Stores the number of passes.

Supercedes Passes.

More information

End Spread Range Block Module.

Alarm on No Sources Remaining.

Define a Spread Range.

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