Step 6. Add a Function Block to Break Ties

Two blocks are available to break ties.




Select Source by Age

All items except the item that is highest (youngest)/lowest (oldest).

Note: You specify which will be selected.

Select Lowest Weight

Eliminates all items except the item with the lowest weight

Important: If you have more than one weighted block in a row, you must insert a Select Lowest Weight block at the end to break the tie.

1.   The selected item moves on to the next evaluation block, if there is one.

2.   If more than one item has the same lowest weight, RSA picks one to move on. Since all of these blocks are equal in evaluation, it does not matter which is selected.

3.   If the selection is still too broad, then more blocks need to be added to the module and/or weights can be changed for further refine the selection.


The computer factory Tracker engineers

  1. Select a Select Lowest Weight block in the Range Source list.

There are no parameters. Select Lowest Weight finds the one or more blocks in the range that have the lowest weight and selects one.

  1. Add the Select Lowest Weight block after the weighted evaluation blocks.

Result: An item with the lowest weight is selected and can move on to be evaluated by any remaining blocks.

More information

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