PRT Overview

Assignments are made:

Each product in Production Tracking is assigned a tracking item that represents its location and associated attributes (for example, Color, Part number, Entry time, etc.) within the PRT database.

Physical areas of the factory are assigned Regions in the PRT database.

A product's physical location corresponds to its tracking item's location, defined within PRT by its PRT Region and PRT Region Location.

Associations are made:

Products and areas are often associated in some physical or logical fashion on the factory floor, a concept represented within PRT by a hierarchical grouping scheme.

One or more items can be associated with one another to represent the progress of a group of products through the factory.

Each location can contain one or more items.

Each Region can contain one or more of these locations, representing, for example, bins, conveyors and workstations on the factory floor that are in physical or logical proximity to one another.

A PRT Group can contain one or more Regions to represent higher level associations.

PRT Services, at the highest level of the hierarchy with a unique object name, can have multiple copies of the PRT process running simultaneously.

Each Service can support an independent list of one or more Groups. This grouping scheme allows the user to search for items, or groups of items, based on several criteria.

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