9.3.1. Create a RCONV_MACH0 Decision

  1. Right-click Decisions in the SPLIT site tree.

  2. Select New Decision from the popup menu.

  3. Rename New_Decision, RCONV_MACH0.

  4. Leave the value 0 in the Decision Id field.

  5. Select ROBOT_CONV in the Source field.

  6. Select MACHINE0 in the Destination field.

  7. Create a new output logic module.

  1. Click to the right of the Output Logic Module field and select New.

The Output Logic Wizard opens.

  1. Enter Move to Machine 0 in the Name field.

  2. Click on the Function Blocks toolbar.

The Select a Function Block Browser opens.

  1. Double-click the Set Point with Value function block.

The Set Point with Value dialog box opens.

  1. Enter the following values.

Point Name




Note: You have to create X_MACHINE0, which is a Boolean point.

  1. Click OK.

Machine 0 should display as a function block in the Output Logic Wizard.

  1. Click OK.

Result: Move to Machine 0 is the output logic module to the RCON_MACH0 decision.

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