Change Chart Properties during Runtime

The trend chart designer can allow a runtime user to change any or all of the chart properties for the specific runtime session.

  1. Double click the trend chart. The CIMPLICITY Trend Control Properties dialog box appears.

  2. Select the tab that contains the property's configuration specifications.

  3. Change the property's configuration.

  4. Apply the change by doing one of the following:

Move to a different tab in the dialog box. The changes made on the previous tab take effect.

Click Apply. Changes on the current tab take effect.

Click OK. All changes take effect and the CIMPLICITY Trend Control Properties dialog box closes.

 Important: The changes you make remain in effect only while the trend chart is being displayed. If you close the CimView window displaying the trend, then reopen it, the trend reverts to the original properties configured for it in CimEdit.

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