Configure Array Point Trend Lines

Array elements are numbered from zero (0) to one (1) less than the number of elements in the array.


If ARRAY has ten elements, the individual elements are ARRAY[0] through ARRAY[9].

You may trend a single element of an array just as you can trend an ordinary line.

To trend a single element in an array:

  1. Enter the array name.

  2. Write the element's number in square brackets at the end of the array name.

For example, to look at the first element in ARRAY, enter ARRAY[0].

To trend an entire array at a single instant in time:

Enter the array name only.

The resulting display depends on the Line Type you have chosen.

Logged data

The whole array is drawn as it was at the axis end time.

Reference file

The time of the array is provided in the file.


The most recent data for the array is displayed.

Whenever the array data changes, the old line is erased and a new one, representing the new data, is drawn.

Arrays display, as follows:

  1. Full arrays are shown with the first array element drawn at the left edge of the chart.

  2. The elements of the array are equally spaced across the length of the chart.

  3. The space between the last element and the end of the chart is equal to the space between the first two elements.

More information

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