Option 4.1. Using Quick Lines to Create a Trend Chart Line

Trending provides you with a way to quickly add lines that trend point values to your chart. Once added, you can use them as they are, or further define them with detailed configuration.

  1. Open the CIMPLICITY Trend Chart Properties dialog box.

  2. Select the Lines tab.

  1. Click the Quick Line button on the Lines tab toolbar.

The Select a Point browser opens.

  1. Select a Point ID.


The Line ID:

is listed in the Line ID column with an associated color.

Will display on the Trend legend.

The line will be visible.

  1. (Optional) Click Display to open the Line Display dialog box and change the line display style.

  2. Either:

Continue creating quick lines until you have all the lines that you need.

Configure some lines with the detailed method.

More information

Specifying line display styles.

Mapping axes to a line.

Step 4. Add a Trend Line.