Option 6.4. Map Axes to a Line

If you have more than one Y-axis or X-axis, you can specify which axes will explain each line.

  1. Do one of the following:

Method 1. Properties dialog box

Click the Line Axis Mapping button .

Method 2. Popup menus

  1. Right-click either the Y-axis or X-axis.

  2. Select Line/Axis Mapping on the Popup menu.

The Line-Axis Mapping dialog box opens when you use either method.

  1. Map Lines to axes as follows.





Show lines for axis

Select one:

A single axis

All axes.

Lines that are mapped to the selected axis are listed in the Lines box.



Select the line to map.



Select an X and Y-axis that should be associated with the selected line.

  1.  Note: Y Chart Axis and X Chart Axis are the default axes.

More information

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