Option 4.2.2. Configure an Expression Line

Expression lines display data reported by the CIMPLICITY Point manager. This type of trend is also called a current trend, because all the information comes from current data.

Configure an Expression line.

Qualified points and Expression lines

Disable Expression line scrolling.

Configure an Expression line

Enter the following.



Line type



One or more point ID's and mathematical operators that can be evaluated.


Opens the Edit Expression window.


Opens a Popup menu to access point  features.

Qualified points and Expression lines

If you do not specify a project, the Base project is used.

If you change the Base project on the Chart tab of the CIMPLICITY Trend Control Properties dialog box and:

If a Point ID


Is fully qualified

Continues to draw the line using the same data source.

Is not fully qualified

Trending assumes the data is coming from the base project. If you change the base project, Trending attempts to find the point in the new base project.

This feature is useful if you have two or more projects with the same Point ID (for example, BLDG_1 project and BLDG_2 project) and you want to be able to switch between them.

Disable Expression line scrolling

  1. Select the Chart tab.

  2. Click Advanced.

  3. Clear the Allow runtime scrolling check box.

 Note: By default, expression lines scroll.

More information

Procedure to Disable Expression Line Scrolling.

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