Option 4.2.3. Configure a Logged Line

Logged lines display data from a CIMPLICITY Database Logger group table. This type of trend is also called an historical trend because all the information comes from logged data.

Enter the following.



LIne type


Data source

ODBC data source.





Opens the ODBC Data Source Administrator

User ID

(Optional) User authorized to access the logged data


(Optional) Valid password for authorized user.


Opens a Select a Table/Column browser.

Table ID

Point logging table ID in the data source


Opens the Select a Table/Column browser for an authorized user.

Point ID

Point in the logging table.


Opens the Select a Table/Column browser for an authorized user.

Auto update


Automatically update the line.



Keep the same historical information as a reference.


The source for a Logged line is always a column in a group log table.

A group log table has one column per point, one row for all points.

Logging array points to Data log tables is currently not supported. As a result, trending array points from data log tables is not supported. Use group tables for array points.

Note: Logged lines can always be scrolled. If you clear Auto update, the line will update when it is scrolled.

More information

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