Option 5.2.1. Compression for Lines that do not have Historical Data

If you select a compression type for a line type that is not a logged line, Trending:

Automatically determines the group size that the data point represents..

Applies the selected compression method (for example, average) to that group.

Plots all the data points in the group as a single data point as follows:

Select compression for a line type that does not have historical data:

  1. (If the Line Display dialog box is not open) Open the Line Display dialog box.

  1. Select a line in the Lines grid.

  2. Click Display….

The Line Display dialog box opens.

  1. Select a compression type in the Compression field to display one of the following plotted values.

Compression Type

Plotted Value


Multiple data points along a vertical line.


The average of the values within the automatically determined group size.


First value in the group


Last value in the group


Minimum value in the group


Maximum value in the group

Note: Server side compression is only available for lines with historical data.

More information

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