Option 5.2. Trend Line Compression or Sampling

Trending can display every value within the axis time limits for the line type (e.g. expression or logged line) or you can choose to compress the data and display representative values.

Trend line compression options.

Data compression interval start time.

Trend line compression options

How Trending handles your compression or sampling choice depends, in part, on whether you select:

Option 5.2.1

A line that does not have historical data.

Option 5.2.2

A line that has historical data.

Option 5.2.3

An Historian line.

Data compression interval start time

The data compression time interval begin time is based on the X-axis pre-set start date and time.


Your X-axis start time is set to begin at 10:15AM (5-25-02)

You have specified 5 minutes as the length of each interval.

The first interval:

Start time=10:15AM (5-25-02)

The second interval:

Start time = 10:20AM (5-25-02)

More information

Step 5. Specify Line Display Features.