Step 4. Configure a LeavingOutstandingLoggedRequestState Event.

  1. Add a LeavingOutstandingLoggedRequestState event to the Events tab in the Properties - Object dialog box.

  1. Click New.

A new line appears in the Events list.

  1. Select ActiveX Event in the Event field.

  2. Select LeavingOutstandingLoggedRequestState in the ActiveX Event field.

  1. Configure the event's procedure.

  1. Click the Menu button to the right of the Action field.

  2. Select New Procedure.

The Procedure Information dialog box opens.

  1. Configure the procedure as follows:

  1. Enter Busy_0 in the Procedure name field.

  2. Select Variable assign in the Action type field.

  3. Click the Browse button to the right of the Variable ID field.

  4. Select BUSY from the popup menu.

  5. Enter 0 in the Variable value field.

  6. Click OK.

Result: The Events tab displays the configured LeavingOutstandingLoggedRequestState event in the Events list.

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