Using Wait State Functionality Example

This example demonstrates how you can easily create a light that will flash to let you know when Trending has outstanding requests for data, requests that are outstanding for long enough to signal that there might be a problem.

Wait State Example Parameters

You expect Trending to retrieve data every 5 seconds.

A normal range for Trending to wait is up to 10 seconds.

Requests that are outstanding for over 10 seconds may indicate that there is a problem.

Therefore, you want CimView to signal an operator if there are requests that are outstanding for over 10 seconds.

 Note: This example uses the following Expression lines, which are already configured for the chart.

Line 1


Line 2


Line 3


Configuration steps include:

Step 1

Create a screen level variable.

Step 2

Activate Trending's wait state feature.

Step 3

Configure an EnteringOutstandingLoggedRequestState event.

Step 4

Configure a LeavingOutstandingLoggedRequestState event.

Step 5

Configure an object to report Trending's request status.

Step 6

Test the request configuration at runtime.

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