CIMPLICITY Web Screens Licenses and Sessions

Your CIMPLICITY Web pages are installed by default when you install CIMPLICITY version 5.5 or higher. Any user can view read-only point and alarm data for a selected project through the Web Browser interface.

Licenses are required to:

  1. View CIMPLICITY WebView screens on a CIMPLICITY WebView only server (not a Terminal Services server).

CIMPLICITY WebView screens are:

Screens accessed through the default Web pages.

WebView stand-alone screens.

  1. Access Terminal Services.

Some access levels (with correct authorization) include:

CIMPLICITY WebView screens accessed through the default Web pages.

Access to the Workbench only.

Access to the Terminal Services server.

If the Web server is a Terminal Services server, access to screens or any other Terminal Services features are counted as Terminal Services licenses.

Important: If your project is running and you switch license keys to increase the number of WebView licenses, reboot the Web Server (computer) to activate the new licenses.

Default Map of Proficy HMI/SCADA CIMPLICITY Web Access


WebView licenses required to view CIMPLICITY screens.


CIMPLICITY Terminal Services licenses are required to use Terminal Services with CIMPLICITY projects.

More information

About CIMPLICITY Web access and Terminal Services.