Step 4. Define Broadcast Session Display and Accessibility





Width and Height

Width and height resolution

Tip: Use resolutions that correspond to screen resolutions, e.g., 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768.

You can leave either the Width or Height field blank to assign only one size constraint to the user's session. You cannot leave both fields blank.

Default:  640 x 480.


Color palette

The number of total possible colors that should display.

Choices include:

256 colors (default),

65536 colors, or

True color.

Caution: The higher the resolution you choose, the larger the file will be.

Default: 256


Username and Password

If the CIMPLICITY project requests a user name and password.

CimView requires the entries to work.

If a user name and Password are not entered, Broadcast fail to work.

More information

WebView broadcast session configuration.