WebView Broadcast Session Configuration

A broadcast session provides you with the means to broadcast a CIMPLICITY WebView screen to an unlimited number of users who can view it from remote locations. The screen that users view is a pre-designated read-only screen. They cannot click any buttons, perform screen transfers, or any other interactive operations. However if, for example, 1000 remote operations persons need to review the performance of a system's processes, they can by using a broadcast session to view the CIMPLICITY screen that reports the processes. In terms of the CIMPLICITY license, only one session is running.

The Session Properties dialog box provides you with the tools to specify what CIMPLICITY screen will display during each broadcast session and configure display details.

Steps to configure the broadcast session include:

Step 1

Display the CIMPLICITY Options Broadcast Sessions tab.

Step 2

Open a Session Properties dialog box.

Step 3

Define the files for the Broadcast session.

Step 4

Define Broadcast session display and accessibility.

Step 5

Define Broadcast session update and refresh rates.

Step 6

Specify if the Broadcast session should start automatically.

Step 7

Enter CimView options.

 Note: The only requirements are to specify a CimView screen and output file.

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