Configure a WebView Server and Client for a Selected Locale

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel on the WebView server.

  2. Click Administrative Tools> Services.

The Services dialog box opens.

  1. Double-click the CIMPLICITY WebView/ThinView Service.

The CIMPLICITY WebView/ThinView Service Properties dialog box opens.

  1. Select the Log On tab.

  2. Fill in the fields as follows.



This account

Enabled when checked.

CIMPLICITY user ID that can access CIMPLICITY projects for a selected locale, e.g. German language.


User password to access CIMPLICITY projects for the selected locale.

Confirm password

Repeat of password.

  1. Click Apply.

  2. Click OK.

  3. Do the same configuration on the WebView client computer.

Result: The CIMPLICITY service can now log on to the same locale. WebView screens will display correctly on the WebView client.

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