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Applies a specific justification setting to selected text, or retrieves the current text justification value.




A value depicting the type of justification used:

Return Value

If retrieving the current text justification, a value between 0 and 2 depicting the type of justification used. If applying justification, 0 (zero) if successful. In both cases, an error is returned if unsuccessful. If values are out of range on writing to the attribute, the function will exit and report the error E_INVALIDARG. If there is no active text object, these functions throw an exception with a return value of E_HANDLE.

Note: For details on handling return and error values, see Error Handling.

Related Functions

AttributeText, AttributeTextStyle, AttributeTextFont, AttributeTextFontSize, AttributeTextColour


' Applies right justification to the selected text
GraphicsBuilder.AttributeTextJustification = 1

' Retrieves the current text justification value
MyVariable = GraphicsBuilder.AttributeTextJustification

Note: This function is implemented in the C++ environment as two separate functions: put_AttributeTextJustification applies justification to the currently selected text, and get_AttributeTextJustification retrieves the current justification setting.