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Backing up a project

The CitectSCADA Backup program archives files using a standard compression routine, producing PKZipĀ® v2.04g compatible files. The default extension for CitectSCADA backup files is .CTZ, though any extension (including .ZIP) can be used. This means you can also use the PKZip utility to extract files from a compressed CitectSCADA backup.

Note: Files produced with this backup program cannot be restored by product versions earlier than 5.10.

To back up a project:

  1. Open Citect Explorer.
  2. Click the Backup button, or select Tools | Backup. The Backup Project dialog box displays:
  3. In the Name field, select the name of the project to back up.
  4. In the Backup file field, enter the path to the backup file location, including the file name. You can either type the path in directly or use the Browse button.
  5. The backup file name defaults to <project>.CTZ. If the extension is omitted then .CTZ is used.

    When you back up a project to a floppy disk, the backup program will ask you if you wish to delete the files on the floppy disk before starting the backup.

    If the destination drive is configured as A: or B: and is detected as removable, you will have the option to delete any existing files on the disk.

  6. Under Options, select the necessary options from the following list:
  7. Click OK.

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