Using the CSV_Include Project > Creating a New Project > Creating Custom Menus > Building custom menus

Building custom menus

Creating a custom menu entails adding the necessary pages, menus, and items to the Configure Menus directory structure, and then assigning the necessary action and privileges to each item. This is achieved via the right-click menu.

Right-click a branch in the directory to display the context menu, which shows the available actions for the current selection. The right-click menu includes the following actions:

Edit Item

Available when an Item is selected. This option displays the Edit Item dialog, which allows you to define the fields associated with the current Item. In particular, it allows you to specify the action associated with the item. (See Editing an item)

New Page

Adds a new page to the menu configuration. Use this option to create new custom menus designed specifically for a particular page in your project. The name you give the new page in the menu configuration needs to be identical to the name of the page in your project that you want the menus to be applied to.

New Button

Adds a new menu button to the current page.

New Item

Adds a new item to the currently selected menu.

New Sub Item

Adds a sub item to the currently selected item. A subitem overwrites the action configured for its parent item. The parent item becomes a label identifying the list of Sub Items assigned to it.

Delete Page

Deletes the currently selected Page from the menu configuration.

Delete Button

Deletes the currently selected Menu Button from the menu configuration.

Delete Item

Deletes the currently selected Item from the menu configuration.

Delete Sub Item

Deletes the currently selected Sub Item from the menu configuration.

Copy page

Copies the currently selected page and pastes it to the end of the menu configuration. This option is useful if you want a page to include the generic page menu configuration, but with additional menus that only appear when the particular page is displayed. To do this, copy the generic page, rename it to match the page you want to customize the menus for, then add the necessary menus and items.


Saves the current menu configuration.