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Changes the cache timeout for each I/O Device with which CitectSCADA is communicating.


Cache <I/O Device name> <Timeout>


<I/O Device name>

Any valid I/O Device defined in the project (using the I/O Devices form), or * for I/O Devices.


Timeout in milliseconds, or 0 (zero) to disable timeout.

This command allows you to tune the cache timeout while the I/O Server is communicating with the I/O Devices. If you set the timeout to 0 (zero), the cache is disabled. If you specify a cache timeout for an I/O Device that has the cache disabled, the cache is enabled.

Any changes made to an I/O Device only apply while the I/O Server is running. If you restart the I/O Server, the cache timeout reverts to the value configured in the project. Once you have determined the optimum cache timeout, make the change persistent by setting the value in the I/O Devices form (for the particular I/O Device).

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